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Here's a small sample of what other people have been saying about Rex Widerstrom...

Chris Trotter, political commentator, on Rex Widerstrom
Chris Trotter
The Dominion
29 November 1996

“Back then, of course, Peters was being advised by guys like… Rex Widerstrom – political strategists who understood that populists, like sharks, must never stop moving, that their survival depends on swimming non-stop into currents of mass emotion and drawing oxygen from people’s rage… Peters and his advisers tapped a mood… sweeping the nation’s heartland…”

Tom Scoot, political journalist, on Rex Widerstrom as a political consultant
Tom Scott
NZ Listener
22 June 1996

"[His] loyalty, dedication and enthusiasm… [was] saved from zealotry by a wry sense of humour.  No media request for assistance, no matter how late the hour, was ever denied, quite possibly because [he] was there day and night.  [He] regularly put in 16-hour days, six and seven days a week.  To keep up with his leader, Widerstrom, who is half human and half word-processor, churned out an endless stream of well-crafted, well-researched speeches…”

Rt Hon Winston Peters MP, on Rex Widerstrom as a political consultant and politician
Rt Hon Winston Peters
Leader, NZ First
November 1994

“[Rex’s strengths are] speaking and communication skills [and he has] the potential to hold a senior position in government…”

September 1996
Computerworld magazine on Rex Widerstrom as a social media manager

“When the party lost Rex Widerstrom, it also lost most of its Internet savvy. Widerstrom, who had become a popular figure in local newsgroups, helped set up the Web site, including its built-in bulletin board. If the messages had been occasionally prickly when Widerstrom was present, they became positively toxic after his departure.”

John Lowther, radio station manager, on Rex Widerstrom as a radio program director
John Lowther
Counties Radio
February 1991

“As an announcer Rex has a natural talent… coupled with
a quick wit and a keen interest in current affairs.  [His] appointment as Program Director heralded a new era for our station, with the introduction of a structured format which turned [it] from being amateur to professional…
I hold his abilities in the highest regard…”

Mike Ure, radio station program director, on Rex Widerstrom as a talkback host
Mike Ure
Radio Pacific
November 1991

“His innovative interviewing and journalism skills have been a great asset to our on-air presentation.  A wide-ranging and comprehensive general knowledge enables him to devise interesting interviews, often at short notice.  His on-air presentation is excellent…”

David Farrar
March 2005
David Farrar, political commentator, on Rex Widerstrom

“[Peters’] popularity in the mid 90's was based around… canny tactics by Rex Widerstrom (Peters’ hired gun campaign manager)…”

Hon Graham Kierath, WA MLA, on Rex Widerstrom
Graham Kierath MLA
WA Liberal Party
October 2005

“[Rex’s] many ideas… [and] political grounding allowed us to have a unique weapon…”


Russell Brown, political journalist, on Rex Widerstrom as a political consultant
Russell Brown
Hard News
January 1977

“I do expect Labour, the Alliance and Act to be a fantastic, thrilling Opposition, however - especially given that Act has now employed Rex Widerstrom...”

Dr Lewis Fretz
Waikato University
December 1992
Dr Lewis Fretz, respected academic, on Rex Widerstrom as a radio interviewer

“I have been interviewed by Television New Zealand journalists, Radio New Zealand journalists, Newstalk ZB journalists and Radio Pacific journalists.  Of all the journalists who have interviewed me, Rex Widerstrom has asked me the most relevant, best-informed and most penetrating questions that have come up in my interviews  … he has extracted more information and better insights from me than any of his journalistic colleagues…”

Professor John Tiffin
Victoria University
December 1992
Emeritus Professor John Tiffin, communications expert, on Rex Widerstrom as a current affairs producer and presenter

“Rex Widerstrom is admirably suited to work in current affairs.  He has a brain, the kind that quickly analyses a situation and grasps the salient points.  He thinks on his feet and articulates clearly.  Rex is a natural-born producer with a fire in his belly and strong organising abilities… [He] could also be an outstanding [television] presenter…”

Kevin Rounthwaite, newspaper publisher, on Rex Widerstrom as a journalist
Kevin Rounthwaite
The Advertiser
December 1987

“…Mr Widerstrom is a highly talented and motivated journalist of exceptional ability.  His expertise lies in political issues, and as a result of his probing in these areas the Advertiser has often led with many innovative front page stories ahead of daily and other media…”

Rob McLagan
Federated Farmers
December 1989
Rob McLagan, CEO, Federated Farmers of NZ on Rex Widerstrom as a newspaper editor

“[He] introduced a number of important innovations to the paper which improved its appearance and its general readability.  He was successful in increasing the number of contributors, which provided a broader national coverage of topics of local interest…”

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